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Power Plant

Power Generation

Industry Experience

Fusion is known for exceeding the expectations of our power generation clients. In the past 10 years since entering the space, power generation has grown to nearly one third of our workload thanks to our skills, adaptability and understanding of client systems and initiatives.

Fusion has developed a reputation of strong and reliable project delivery and support services to our client's coal, natural gas and hydro facilities. Fusion is actively expanding our capabilities in these areas as well as solar electric.


Our Fusion team members nuclear experience incorporate broader industry best practices and experience into value for our clients.

Fusion is proud to work with clients who share our commitment to safety. In the power generation space, Fusion is consistently called to assist with safety improvement projects.

Key Fusion Projects include:

  • Deminerilization project

  • Boiler upgrades/replacements

  • DCS upgrades

  • Instrumentation upgrades

  • Lighting upgrades

  • Conveyor upgrades

  • Platform Safety Upgrades

Fusion's key skill implementation includes:

  • Instrumentation

  • Platform Upgrades

  • Coal Handling

  • DCS Upgrades

  • Lighting upgrades

  • Etc.

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