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Fusion Integrated Solutions helps WEC Energy Group’s corporate headquarters restoration!

The first employees returned this month to We Energies historic downtown Milwaukee offices more than 18 months after flooding in the historic building's steam system caused major damage.

The historic headquarters at 231 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was damaged by a superheated steam release during a storm in May 2020. Area flooding knocked out steam service to buildings on the entire east side of downtown Milwaukee and some buildings west of the Milwaukee River. The flooding caused super-heated steam to be released into the upper levels of the building causing additional damage beyond the flooded lower levels. The estimated renovation project cost is expected to be completed for $700,000 to $800,000 less than the $62.5 million budget. We Energies reached out to its trusted partners, including Fusion Integrated Solutions, LLC, to restore the historic headquarters. The restoration focused on providing a workplace of the future that also honors its legacy as an historic treasure in the heart of downtown Milwaukee.

Fusion is so proud of its Team, including Project Managers and Facility Planners who collaborated with the We Energies Team to restore the headquarters.

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