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3D Laser Scanning

Fusion utilizes its 3D Laser Scanning tools and techniques to create a precise digital rendering of Clients manufacturing processes and facilities.


100+ combined projects that were successfully executed using laser scan data

  • Paper machine rebuilds

  • Boiler Buildings

  • Converting Facilities

  • Towel

  • Tissue

  • Napkin

  • Plate

  • Cup

  • Rewinder Lines

  • Warehouse

  • Pulp processing plants

  • Scrubbers

  • PM Hood upgrades

  • Building Product Facilities

  • Beverage facilities

  • Die press machines


  • Leica RTC360 Scanner

  • Leica Jetstream

  • Leica TruView

  • Leica Cyclone

  • Leica Register 360

  • Navisworks Manage

  • Navisworks Simulate

  • Autodesk ReCap Pro


  • 10 people on staff with laser scan data experience/usage

  • 15+ combined years of laser scan field gathering (using laser scanner)

  • 68+ combined years of using laser scan data (using/modeling to point cloud data)

 Benefits to Clients

  • Seamlessly integrate designers, clients, OEMs, construction, and consultants

  • A safer alternative to field data gathering with personnel in the plant for less time

  • Equipment can stay running to gather data

  • Accuracy to within 1/16” – quality control

  • Speed – Reduced machine downtime for field measuring equipment

  • Budget – 3d scanning is competitive with other traditional measurement technologies

  • Streamline visualization

  • Quickly model high-level alternates

  • Remotely manage data

  • Can be used for as-built / record drawings

  • Valve tags and equipment information can be located in scan/image files

  • If additional scope is added to the project that is within the scan there would be no need for an additional data gathering trip

We respect our Clients’ confidentiality; here’s a scan of our Green Bay, WI office. Compare the photo on the top vs. the scan at the bottom!



Fusion continues to serve current and new clients while complying with CDC guidelines. Read More

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